Sunday, 29 June 2008

Removed the rear end

Well after admiring our handiwork the previous day , looking at the chassis i decided that the rear end would have to come out, after all if i do it right now then there would be less to worry about later ;) . So , with some head scratching , i sussed out how i was gonna take out the rear end and did so on my own ( would be much easier with two people ). It came out without incident and i moved it out of the way so i could start on the chassis.

After a couple of hours cleaning, wire brushing and some more cleaning i applied the first coat of paint to the rear section of the chassis. It will need one more coat which i will hopefully do today, ( if the wife allows ;) )

The paint was taking a while to dry so i thought i would have a go at the rear calipers. They are a real pain to get to especially the two bolts . I eventually got them out and they will need refurbishing like the fronts , not quite as poor condition but close! I realised i may as well strip the rear end to get better access to everything to check , clean and re-paint if necessary, but that will have to wait for now as i want to get as much of the chassis done as i can till the engine comes out.

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