Sunday, 4 January 2009

painting finnished!

finally finnished the painting, which all was left was the underside. so glad thats over with.

Fitted the wishbones and wheel hubs. No major problems here, i just made sure from removal to re-fitting both sides of the car remained seperate to ensure the right parts were on the right side.

Fitted the pedal box ready for bleeding the brakes and ran the brake lines in and fixed. all thats left is to do is fit the front calipers after i get some new bleed nuts which i overlooked when ordering the seal kit.

The calipers went together realy well like the rears, i also added some locktite to the 4 bolts on each caliper that keep the two sides together. (pics of the calipers to follow before fitting).
As soon as the coilovers get here i will be fitting the shocks and then the calipers on the front, then the engine and gearbox back in. I am really glad to be starting to put the car back together finally!

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