Saturday, 23 August 2008

rear end done except shocks

well it's been a while but finally manged to get a day in the garage !

Got some bits from Ward Engineering ( many thanks ), and like usual forgot to order new nyloc nuts for the drive shaft output flanges and inner pivot pins for the wishbones! D'oh!

After a quick scout round and having no joy managed to get some on flea-bay! phew!

I decided to change the discs and keep the old ones as spares, ( gonna get them refaced to take of the slight pitting ). I have to say at this point that if i had to do more work on the rear diff and suspension i would advise a recon replacement on an exchange basis. The boys on the cobra club forums advised this when i told them my intentions but as usual i had to do it my way! he he. It is a real pain to get the lower wishbones in with the oil seals and thrust washers ( the air turned blue for a couple of hours! ). Once those are in it is then a fight to get the discs in as the lower wishbone gets in the way, all the methods that i could find didn't seem to help much either but got there in the end. Once they were on and torqued up it was the calipers turn. I followed my brief instructions from Ward's and they went together quite well, the only problem being i shouldn't have separated the two sides of the caliper as there are no torque setting for these 4 bolts anywhere, even Ward's couldn't help me as they don't go that far. I tightened them up as tight as i could to ensure they were at least the same as when i removed them. Fitting them to the bracket on the diff was another time consuming and frustrating event as there was virtually no room to get to the bolts, but it is possible and manged it just about. new pads fitted after that and then i cleaned and fitted the handbrake calipers complete with new pads also. All that is left is to re-fit the rear end back onto the chassis with the assistance of my good friend the neighbour.

I will fit the coil-over shocks later as i want to double check these, when i removed the coil on the first shock i lost fluid out of the shock and therefore decided it wasn't worth the risk of doing any others until i get that one checked. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

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