Monday, 19 May 2008

bits and bobs

i removed the loom from the cockpit which took a while. Removed the fuse box and 2 relays plus a number of other little jobs connected with the loom.
Tried to remove the carpet in the drivers side to get one last wire out, realised i had to remove the seat! The seat looks like the standard type of cobra seat, fiberglass shell, bit of hardboard in the bottom (riveted!) , then the leather on foam. The bolts holding the seat to the slider rail were almost impossible to get to, so i decided that it must have been done before the seat went in. I then sprayed penetrating oil on the 4 bolts fixed through the rails to the chassis (completely rusted up! ). With a bit of swearing managed to get them undone. There is a gap in between the body tub and the chassis which was a bit worrying, i may look at filling it with a suitable material when i put the seats back.

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